Leading Self

Strong self-awareness, mindfulness, and social fluency serve as a foundation for effective leadership. With a sophisticated understanding of self and the way you relate to others in the workplace, you can take a positive next step in your career to enrich and strengthen the social sector. Developing your professional relationships, interpersonal skills, and ability to communicate effectively is critical to finding success in future leadership positions.

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Reflect on Your Leadership Style

Identify Your Leadership Style

Building off of the knowledge surrounding various styles of leadership, begin to identify the key traits and characteristics that will define your leadership.

This short quiz breaks down your answers in different leadership components and makes suggestions for areas of improvement – How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?


The Leadership Legacy Assessment

Find your leadership style with this online assessment.

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Develop Your Leadership Style

If you are a first-time manager or mentoring someone who is, learn about the challenges, how to lead others, and ways to develop your leadership style.

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