Leading Self

Strong self-awareness, mindfulness, and social fluency serve as a foundation for effective leadership. With a sophisticated understanding of self and the way you relate to others in the workplace, you can take a positive next step in your career to enrich and strengthen the social sector. Developing your professional relationships, interpersonal skills, and ability to communicate effectively is critical to finding success in future leadership positions.

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Reflect on Your Leadership Style

Different leadership styles

Start by understanding different types of leadership styles and reflect on which styles correspond with your personality and strengths. Recognize that every leader is unique and will create an individualized path.

In Six Leadership Styles and When You Should Use Them, you’ll learn about six main leadership styles. Remember, a good leader will have to shift styles according to the situation.


Three timeless leadership traits

These three leadership traits never go out of style.

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Choosing the Right Approach for the Right Situation

Effective leaders don’t stick to just one style – different situations call for unique approaches.

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Effective Leadership is Changing

Learn more about this new leadership, by listening to this podcast.

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