Leading Self

Strong self-awareness, mindfulness, and social fluency serve as a foundation for effective leadership. With a sophisticated understanding of self and the way you relate to others in the workplace, you can take a positive next step in your career to enrich and strengthen the social sector. Developing your professional relationships, interpersonal skills, and ability to communicate effectively is critical to finding success in future leadership positions.

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Personal Values, Strengths, and Culture

Discover Your Values

You probably know your organization’s values, but it is equally important to identify your personal values. Just as your organization’s values guide organizational efforts, your personal values give your work deeper meaning. Your values influence your core beliefs and your sense of what is worthwhile.

Whether or not you have formally articulated your values, they do exist. This step-by-step guide by Mind Tools will help you articulate them – What Are Your Values?


Determine What Makes You Happy Through Your Values

Learn more about why values are critical for effective leadership.

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Living Your Values at Work

Take three short steps to identify your core values at work.

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Identify Your Values Worksheet

This worksheet developed by Binghamton University will help you identify your values through a series of questions.

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