Leading Self

Strong self-awareness, mindfulness, and social fluency serve as a foundation for effective leadership. With a sophisticated understanding of self and the way you relate to others in the workplace, you can take a positive next step in your career to enrich and strengthen the social sector. Developing your professional relationships, interpersonal skills, and ability to communicate effectively is critical to finding success in future leadership positions.

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Building emotional intelligence

Master Learning Agility

An essential leadership quality is the willingness to remain open to new ways of thinking and intentionally learn new skills. The ability to derive meaning and continuously learn and adapt even during challenging situations, is an indicator of thriving leadership.

Studies on learning agility, identify five key qualities: innovating (willing to challenge the status quo), performing (calm during difficulty), reflecting (thoughtful to reflect on experiences), risking (consciously seeking out challenge), and defending (open to learning and feedback, over being defensive).


Training for Agility

Building the skills that employees need to zig and zag — learn how to work nimbly on a daily basis.

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Improve Your Ability to Learn

Tools and tips to help you sharpen how you think about your own learning agility.

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Foster Your Own Learning Agility

Specific questions you can ask to sharpen your own learning agility.

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