Leading Others

Whether managing an internal team, leading an external project, or building a collaborative movement, self-awareness and confidence are paramount for motivating individuals and teams towards greater impact. Building off of the foundational skills in Section One, this section of the Playbook will help you develop collaborative approaches to problem solving and hone your skills as a leader of individuals and teams.

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Develop the capacity of others

Embrace and encourage feedback

Providing workers at all levels of your organization a chance to express themselves increases their investment in the organization. Adopt the mindset that feedback, positive and negative, is designed to help you improve and determine the most effective ways to develop your skills at delivering feedback.

Ask yourself questions as a way to process what you’re hearing: In what ways does the feedback you’re hearing align with your self-identified areas of improvement? What does this feedback teach you about how you’re being perceived? Read Unstuck’s guide for how to take the fear out of feedback.


How To Give Feedback to People Who Cry, Scream, or Yell

Embrace these tips to make feedback more productive for your team.

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Prevent Defensiveness in Feedback

New communications tips for giving feedback.

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6 Ways To Give Employees Feedback

Giving out feedback for the first time to your employees? Try this.

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Make Feedback Less Stressful

Reframe feedback can lower stress too.

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