Leading Others

Whether managing an internal team, leading an external project, or building a collaborative movement, self-awareness and confidence are paramount for motivating individuals and teams towards greater impact. Building off of the foundational skills in Section One, this section of the Playbook will help you develop collaborative approaches to problem solving and hone your skills as a leader of individuals and teams.

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Be an effective communicator

Be an active listener

Leaders who are able to truly listen discover the real messages in the conversation. Asking open-ended questions is one powerful listening strategy that can help stimulate new ideas and improve an organization’s productivity and success

Ask good questions. You don’t have to always have the answer to ask a good question. While providing an answer may be the most efficient way to get something done, you may be missing access to some fresh and powerful new ideas.


Ten Steps for Effective Listening

These ten practical, straightforward steps that will help you become an active and effective listener.

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The Listening Assessment

Interested in knowing the areas you can improve in your listening? Take this assessment.

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Building Listening Skills

Check out these tips about how emerging leaders can build listening skills.

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