Influencing Organizational Change

The ability to influence your organization through mindset and action is an incredibly valuable skill to master in your professional journey. Through a leadership mindset, intrapreneurship, and creating a culture of learning in your organization, you can make significant impact – regardless of your position or the stage of your career.

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Inspire a Creative, Diverse, and Innovative Team

Develop Cross-Sector and Cross-Functional Relationships

You cannot achieve a new level of internal leadership without having a pulse on what’s happening across your organization and macro trends influencing your field and the sector.

Get out of the office. Make it a habit to grab coffee with individuals in related and non-related fields, or from different departments. Read books that stimulate new thinking. Find events for collaborating with others in and outside of your issue area.


Practical Guide to Cross-Sector Collaboration

Discovering common ground is the first step in cross-sector collaboration.

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Six Lessons from Leading Cross-Sector Collaboration

Leadership lessons from working across sectors.

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