Influencing Organizational Change

The ability to influence your organization through mindset and action is an incredibly valuable skill to master in your professional journey. Through a leadership mindset, intrapreneurship, and creating a culture of learning in your organization, you can make significant impact – regardless of your position or the stage of your career.

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Choose a Leadership Mindset

Routinize Reflection

Reflection is a necessary step in assessing individual and team performance, and helps to illuminate when and why things went well, as well as lessons learned. Beyond individual check-ins (which generally focus on an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement), consider ways to promote reflection organization-wide, which can inspire leadership and organizational improvement.

Implement a reflection process at the end of a team project and consider inviting members from outside the team or department who can ask questions and provide input. Ask your team: “What are the top five things you would do again and the top five things you wouldn’t repeat?”


Reflective Cycles

Check out the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle as a tool to reflect on a situation in your work or team.

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Hyper Island Toolbox

Check out this resource for ideas for reflection exercises to implement with your team.

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