Influencing Organizational Change

The ability to influence your organization through mindset and action is an incredibly valuable skill to master in your professional journey. Through a leadership mindset, intrapreneurship, and creating a culture of learning in your organization, you can make significant impact – regardless of your position or the stage of your career.

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Be An Intrapreneur

Live your organization’s values

Embodying your organization’s values is essential for influencing your organization from whichever level you currently operate, as well as inspiring other leaders to do the same.

Intrapreneurs find ways to bring an organization’s values and culture to life. Draw practices from healthcare leaders to conduct a values “check-up” for your organization.


Ten Principles of Organizational Change

Learn how to lead up to impact your organization’s culture.

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Quick and Nimble

If you want to take a deeper dive, check out Adam Bryant’s book on how to create an organization that lives its culture and values.

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Why Organizational Values are so Awesome and Sexy

Vu Le shares the way in which his organization developed its Core Values, and why they matter.

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