Influencing Organizational Change

The ability to influence your organization through mindset and action is an incredibly valuable skill to master in your professional journey. Through a leadership mindset, intrapreneurship, and creating a culture of learning in your organization, you can make significant impact – regardless of your position or the stage of your career.

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Be An Intrapreneur

Harness Your Inner Changemaker

In his 2012 keynote address at the University of the Arts, London, award-winning author Neil Gaiman advised his audience to “do the stuff that only you can do.” As an emerging leader, your own changemaker spirit will be integral to your success in influencing the greater organization.

Follow these steps from Mind Tools to inspire your changemaker spirit.


50 Item Entrepreneurial Questionnaire

Psychometric testing can help to identify personality traits that correspond with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

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What Is an Intrapreneur

Need more concrete examples of businesses or organizations that support intrapreneurship?

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Top Qualities of Intrapreneurs

Learn key strategies for identifying intrapreneurs within your organization.

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