Leading Others

Whether managing an internal team, leading an external project, or building a collaborative movement, self-awareness and confidence are paramount for motivating individuals and teams towards greater impact. Building off of the foundational skills in Section One, this section of the Playbook will help you develop collaborative approaches to problem solving and hone your skills as a leader of individuals and teams.

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Be an effective communicator

Practice reflective listening

An effective leader actively solicits the ideas and opinions of others rather than just sharing his or her own. Make sure that all voices around a table are heard, not just the loudest one. Reflective listening is a communication strategy that seeks to understand the speaker’s idea, then offers the idea back to the speaker to confirm the idea has been understood correctly.

In Reflective Listening Helps Build Rapport, read examples of reflective responses and how to incorporate them into your communication style.


The Basics of Reflective Listening

Not sure about the difference between active and reflective listening?

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