Leading Others

Whether managing an internal team, leading an external project, or building a collaborative movement, self-awareness and confidence are paramount for motivating individuals and teams towards greater impact. Building off of the foundational skills in Section One, this section of the Playbook will help you develop collaborative approaches to problem solving and hone your skills as a leader of individuals and teams.

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Build and enhance collaborative skills for leadership

Know when and how to delegate

Delegation is fundamental to efficiency, but only when done in a way that taps into the individual strengths of team members. Before you begin delegating, take the time to really get to know your team. It’s important to allocate work in ways that empower others to do their best and play to their strengths.

The Management Center’s MOCHA model provides a simple framework for managing assigned responsibilities.


Three Steps to Effective Delegation

Delegation is a balancing act – learn some simple steps to ensure you are delegating effectively.

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The Challenges of Delegating

Warning signals that you might not be delegating after all.

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